Our Services to Investors

Konsept Tarim has decades of experience in the farming business and we have the perfect knowledge and know-how for all stages of the farming business. We are one of the market leaders for the walnut, almond , pistachios, and olive plantations in the region. We offer turnkey services to our investors who want to invest in the agriculture business by planting any kind of crops.
Konsept Tarim is the first and only company in Turkey offering services and products to its investors not only the development of the turnkey plantation projects but also partial services such as plantation, water irrigation system, maintenance, harvesting, passing up the product at all stages of the processing and sale of the crop as a final product.

How can I Invest with Konsept Tarim ?

You can let us know your budget and ideal crop and we will come to you with different options.

You can choose a land from our portfolio and you can buy only the plain land and we can develop it for you according to your budget. In that way, you can spread the payment in stages. Turnkey development of the projects take usually between 6 months to 1 year according to the timing. If you want to spread the period longer, we can extend it up to 2 years. It is important detail to know for the investors, foreign investors has to apply a farming activity on the farmlands within 2 years after the purchase by law.

You can buy a planted farmland from us as a planted and ready product.

You can come to us with your own land and we will develop it for you as a Turnkey Project.
What other farm investment options with Konsept Tarim? We also offer Turnkey Livestock Production Facility, Free Range Egg Production Facility and Green House Projects for different Kind of Fruits for our Investors

Why you should choose Konsept Tarim

We have 4 different operation zones in Turkey with over 220 staff and large machinery selection.  We can provide you the best turnkey projects with professional consultancy and reporting in the entire process. We don’t have competition in the market as we have our own :

  • Seedling centres ,
  • Water irrigation and fertilizer expert teams,
  • Security fence machines,
  • Experienced Harvest Team and Modern Harvest Machines
  • Best Engineers in the field
  • Quality Check Department
  • Our own process factories
  • International Experience in Spain, Turkey and Bosnia
  • Our Own Almond, Walnut , Olive Oil, Honey , Meat , Free Range Egg and Livestock Brands

Thanks to these facilities, infrastructure, global experience, and expert team, we can provide you the most affordable :

  • Turnkey completed project
  • Plantation,
  • Water Drilling and Water Pool or Storage
  • Water Irrigation and Fertilizing Systems,
  • Natural Stone Farm Houses
  • Professional Management Services
  • Full Harvest Process
  • Processing your Crops in our Factories
  • Packaging and Selling Process of your Crops.

Our clients can choose all the services or partial services. Alternatively we can also find the suitable land for you according to your budget. It is a very crucial that the farmland should have a fertile land, good water source and suitable elevation. There are many risks in the farming business and these risks can be eliminated with only expert approach during the very initial stages.  For example it is extremely crucial to analyse the soil and water according to the type of the crop you want to plant.

But before starting any agricultural project, it is necessary to carry out a technical and economic study to ensure its viability. So as a first step , we make a study of the terrain and we check the climatic report to know if our cultivation will be viable.

Lets have a look at some of the other stages:


After completing all the necessary soil tests and water test, before the tree plantation,  the first thing we will have to do is prepare the ground. It is an essential stage of  the general cultivation, as the terrain must have the necessary conditions for the plantation of walnuts, almonds, pistachios or olives.

As Konsept Tarim, we are specialists in all the necessary phases for the development of agricultural project , from the preparation and conditioning of the land to the following harvesting of the crops.  

Basic Steps for Land Preparation

Before planting the trees,  it is necessary to form the farmland . There are series of duties prior to plantation.  Eventually we will have to do this process once in the life of the crops, so it is very important to do it professionally and with the correct experts and engineers.

For plants to grow healthy, it is important to have a  soft and absorbent soil with no problems that obstruct the normal growth of the plants. The field should be in very good condition so that the roots don’t find any obstacles when they start to spread under the soil.

It is important to make a deep preparation of the land by using the correct machinery, to support the infiltration of the water and crop to have good exposure to air. Apart from that, it is also necessary to level the ground, which makes weed control easier at the surface level.

So these are the general steps we practice on the surface of the field:

  • Mix the surface layer of the soil.
  • Decompose the soil.
  • Compress the soil layer where the roots are.
  • Level the ground.
  • Eliminate weeds.

Konsept Tarim can carry out all these tasks related to the production of any almond, walnut, pistachio, and olive projects as we have specialized agricultural technicians, workers and experience.


In the plantation process, it is extremely important to choose the right type of seedlings in terms of the quality, productivity and variety. We have our own seedling nurseries  and we are one of the largest almond , walnut and olive seedling producers in the region.   Agriculture is becoming more technical and scientific day by day. Technology and planning have become essential tools to achieve the best results in the farming business. We advice to our investors to choose plantations like almonds and walnuts as they have become for many investors an interesting and more profitable alternative than any other crops because they have a high commodity value and there is a huge supply shortage in the international markets.  Dry nuts such as almonds and walnuts has increasing price stability and profitability which makes them the best choice in the medium and long term.

To ensure the success of your plantation, it is a piece of mind to have specialists like Konsept Tarim, if you want to eliminate the risks of agriculture business and achieve profitable results with modern agriculture.


We are not only experts for the harvest of walnut, almond, and olive projects but we also have our own process factories for these crops so that our clients and investors can have the best quality final products.

In order to achieve profitable farming activities, it is necessary to keep under control all the items of expenses of a farm and to have a quality harvest at the end.

When we talk about crops such as walnut, olive, or almond projects, the harvesting of the tress has always been one of the largest expenditure sections. In recent years, different machinery manufacturers have released machine models that allow mechanized harvesting in intensive olive and almond trees and we use these modern machinery during the harvest process.

These types of machines go over the line of trees, completely covering the body and branches of the tree. The trees are therefore fixed in the gap between the wheels of the machine. The machine forms a kind of tunnel in where the branches are vibrated to make the crops fall into some holders located inside the machine.